Boom Stand

The Boom Stand is designed to allow maximum freedom of movement and to deliver the adjustably you need. They are best systems to work and inspect large parts under microscopes.

Boom Stand similar to Leica® S-Stand # 31-27-14



Flexible Arm Clamp Stand

The Flexible Arm Stand features an articulated design, useful when examining difficult, large or unusually shaped components, or when performing involved surgical procedures in animal research.  The horizontal arm are universally jointed and spring operated to allow movement similar to the human arm.

Flexible Arm similar to Leica® # 31-26-10, lockable 14.5" vertical motion range, 3 foot scanable range, adjustable counterbalanced support.

                                                                   Clamp mount similar to Leica®  #31-26-14L.


Flexible Arm Table Stand

(Note: E-arm  need to be ordered separately)


Ball Bearing Stand

The Ball Bearing Stand features a precision roller bearing movement, which allows for a smooth rolling action of the horizontal arm when frequent adjustment of the optical body is required. The dual arm design provides exceptional stability, which is useful when examining detailed substructures in electronics and PCB manufacturing.



E-Arm (Bonder arm) with 76mm yoke similar to Leica® # 10446345

The Ring¨s ID=76mm or 88mm



E-Arm II

E-Arm II (Bonder arm) similar to Bausch & Lomb® # 31-26-59

            NEW PRODUCT

TS-A Large Stage Stand

Stage size:350x255mm

Stage X-Y Direction Moving Range: 200X200mm

(The Stereo Head need to be ordered separately)

TS-B Large Stage Stand

Stage size:300x340mm

Stage X Direction Moving Range: 260mm

Transmitted Illumination: 6V/20W

(The Stereo Head need to be ordered separately)

TS-C Large Stage Stand

Stage size:300x300mm

Stage X-Y Direction Moving Range:300X320mm

Transmitted Illumination: 6V/20W

(The Stereo Head need to be ordered separately)


               ZM-7 BINOCULAR HEAD                                                            ZM-7 TRINOCULAR HEAD          


                                          ZM-5 BINOCULAR HEAD                                                       ZM-6 TRINOCULAR HEAD