BMT-127  Microscope

BMT-127H                                                     BMT-127T


BMT-127 series microscope is widely used in Biology. Histology, Pathology, Medicament, chemistry research and Clinical examination. It can also be used for education in Colleges and Schools.



BMT-127H BMT-127T
Viewing head Sliding Binocular Head. Inclined at 45 ( 52mm -74mm )
Sliding Trinocular Head. Inclined at 45 ( 52mm -74mm )
Eyepiece WF10
Objective Achromatic objective: 4 ,10 ,40 (S),100 (S)Oil
Condenser N.A1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm&filter
Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment with rack and pinion mechanism
Fine focusing scale Value 0.002mm
Collector High brightness Kohler illumination
Light source

Halogen tungsten bulb 6V/30W.AC 85V-230V

Adjustable brightness
Optional Accessory Eyepieces:WF16X,WF20X, P16X, 

1.3 Mega pixels CMOS Digital eyepiece

Semi-plan objectives:


  Is Standard Attachment     Is Optional Accessories

BMT accessories
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