Inverted microscopes

BMI SERIES: The microscopes of the BMI series are instruments designed to be used in the laboratory, where microscopes dedicated to microbiology are required. These appliances, known as inverted microscopes, allow specimens that cannot be cut with a microtome, e.g. cellular cultures, to be examined in transmitted light and allow viewing of specimens contained in physiological solutions.
BMI-200 Biological  Microscope
Optical Infinity Optical system
Head BMI-200B compensation free binocular head, 45° inclined,
BMI-200T: compensation free trinocular head, 45° inclined
Eyepiece PL10×high eye-point plan eyepiece, FN 22mm
Nosepiece Quintuple Nosepiece
Objective Plan and Infinity Long work distance achromatic objective: LWD PL4×,10×,20×(Optional),40×,60×(Optional)
Plan and Infinity Long work distance phase contrast objective: LWD PH10×(Optional),PH20×,PH40×(Optional)
Focus Coaxial focus system with torque and coarse adjustment;
Work distance: 38mm coarse adjustment, 0.2mm fine adjustment; precision 0.002mm
Stage size: 160x250mm, could fixed with sample holder, extending board and mechanical specimen holder
Illumination Adopted 90-240V voltage, 6V/30W Halogen bulb, adjustable filament center and brightness
Condenser Movable N.A.0.3, WD72mm
Phase contrast plug-in plate adjustable phase center—10×/20×,40×, bright field
phase center pre setting—10×/20×, 40×, bright field (Optional)
Mechanical specimen holder Optional. Regulator of low coaxing. Could assemble with various sample holders.
Sample holder Optional. Slide holder, Terasaki holder and petri dish holder
Color filter Optional. Adjustable brightness color filter, monochrome contrast color filter, color temperature transition color filter and infrared-eliminating color filter
Triple eye tube Could fixed with 135 camera, CTV and digital camera
Photo tube PK mount adapter and 3.2X photo eyepiece
TV adapter 0.5X C-mount TV adapter with focusable lens

BMI-300 Biological  Microscope
Trinocular head 
Wide-field eyepieces:WF10X-18 
LWD (long working distance) plan achromatic objectives:
cover glass thick:1.2mm 10X/0.25,25X/0.4,40X/0.6

LWD Plan Phase Contrast 10x/0.25
Annular Spot 10x

Long working distance condenser: NA=0.4,working distance 30mm
Mechanical stage with low position is 200mm by 140mm, x-y travel is 75mm x 30mm with vernier of 0.1mm

Illumination 6V 20W halogen lamp with adjustable brightness

Set for Stage Insert Plate
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BMI-400 Inverted & Fluorescence Microscope

Model BMI-400 inverted & fluorescence microscope is composed with Inverted microscope and fluorescence microscope. It is furnished with long working distance plan achromatic objectives and plan achromatic phase contrast objectives, long working distance condenser and phase contrast attachment; It is advanced instrument suitable for observe the transparent living specimen structure and research liquid deposits; reflected fluorescence is used for fluorescence microscopy; it also can be used in research institutes, universities, medical treatment, agriculture and animal husbandry etc.

Eyepieces: Wide field eyepieces:16X(Ф11mm),20X(Ф11mm).
Objectives: Long working distance plan achromatic phase-contrast objectives (cover glass thick: 1.2mm):
PLL25X/0.4PHP1 (include 25X annular diaphragm plate).
PLL40X/0.6PHP1 (include 40X annular diaphragm plate).
Utra-long working distance condenser: Working distance 70mm.
Special-long working distance phase contrast condenser: Working distance 50mm; Configure the Long working distance plan  achromatic phase-contrast objectives (cover glass thick: 1.2mm): PLL10X/0.25 PHP2, PLL25X/0.4 PHP2, PLL40X/0.6 PHP2.
Binocular: compensation (inclination of 30o)
Illumination: 6V30W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness.
CCD Camera adapter: 0.4X, 1X.

CANON A series digital camera adapter

Magnification: 100X~400X
Trinocular Head: for observe
Eyepieces: Wide field eyepiece: 10X(Ф20)
  Objectives: Long working distance plan achromatic objectives( cover glass 1.2mm): 10X/0.25,  25X/0.4,  40X/0.6
     Special long working distance plan achromatic phase contrast objectives (cover glass 1.2mm): 10X/0.25 PHP2、25X/0.4 PHP2、40X/0.6 PHP2.
Condenser: Ultra long working distance condenser (with phase contrast): working distance 50mm
  Mechanical stage: The movement mechanism can be take out, movement range: 79mm×112 mm
Focusing mechanism: coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with tension adjustable and focus stop, fine focusing knob: minimum division 0.002mm .
  Interpupillary distance: 53mm~75mm
A. Transmitted light: 6V30W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness,110V/230V
B. Reflected light : 100W/DC mercury lamp, power supply 110V/230V optional
  Excition system: UV( Ultraviolet, excitation filter 330-400 nm), V( Violet, excitation filter 395 - 415 nm),  B (Blue, excitation filter 420 - 485 nm) , G (Green, excitation filter 460-550 nm)
Anti-fungus: Yes

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