XP-146  Polarization Microscope


XP-146 Transmission Polarization Microscope is one of the most modern designed instruments for metallurgy, geology and minerals areas and is in common use in altitude academy etc.
With the progress of optical technology in recent years, polarization microscope as an optical instrument has more wide application , such as chemical fibre, semi-conductor industry and medicine test as well as many lines. Our XP-146 polarization microscope is the very suitable microscope used in single polarization, orthogonal polarization, conoscopic observation and micro-photography equipped with gyps board, mica/4 board , quartz wedge and mechanical stages. The microscope has comparatively complete functions and fine quality.

                       Specification      Model
XP-146B XP-146T

Viewing head
Compensation Free Binocular Head. Inclined at 3 0 ( 50mm -75mm )
Compensation Free Trinocular Head. Inclined at 3 0 ( 50mm -75mm )
10 gridding eyepiece
10 with reticule
WF10 22mm

Infinity objective: 4 ,10 ,20 , 40 (S),63 (S) Oil

Round revolving stage
Stage dia: 160mm
Rotatable: 360
Condenser Swing type N.A1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm & filter
Focusing Coaxial coarse&fine focusing adjustment with rack and pinion mechanism Fine focusing scale Value  0.002mm
Collector High brightness light collector

Light source
Halogen tungsten bulb 6V/30W.AC 85V-230V
Adjustable brightness
Optional Accessory Eyepiece: WF16X WF20X P16X 3M or 1.30 Mega pixels CMOS Digital Eyepieces
" "standard outfit,   optional parts
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