¡¡ XZB-605 Comparison Microscope


Model XZB-605 Comparison Microscope makes you view two images (left & right) from two objects at the same time. Adjusting two images to connect or lap over, then differentiate the minuteness difference between them, for instance, identifying the bullet¡¯ mark, tool¡¯s mark, fingerprint, stamp, letters, money, presswork, etc. It is an ideal instrument for Police and other departments which need object comparison. There¡¯re several different viewing state available on comparison head;

- Full left image, full right image, a part of left & right images, left & right superposition image.

 - The total magnification of comparison head : 1X

- The viewing field of comparison head is more than 20mm .

- 195 series objectives are applicable.

- Biological microscope objectives 4X £¬ 10X £¬ 20X £¬ 40X £¬ 50X £¬ 60X £¬ 100X are suitable for this microscope.

 - Monocular, Binocular or Trinocular Comparison head are for option.

Much more information is available by contacting Aimscope.