XDS-403 Inverted BIOLOGICAL microscopes


XDS-403 series microscopes are instruments designed to be used in the laboratory, where microscopes dedicated to microbiology are required. These appliances, known as inverted microscopes, allow specimens that cannot be cut with a microtome, e.g. cellular cultures, to be examined in transmitted light and allow viewing of specimens contained in physiological solutions.

Main Features:

•  Superior qualified optical system equipped by LWD Plan Objectives offers high stable clear image

•  T shape-designed base provides the high stability

•  Ergonomic Configuration Design achieves simple and convenient operation.

Specification Model
XDS-403 XDS-403T XDS-403A XDS-403AT
Viewing head Compensation free Binocular Head .Inclined at 4 5 ( 50mm -75mm )
Compensation Free Trinocular Head .Inclined at 45 ( 50mm -75mm )
Eyepiece WF10X/ 20mm
WF10X/ 23mm
WF10X/ 18mm with Cross graduation of 0.1mm scale
Objective Long working distance plan-objective LWDPL4X/0.1W.D .25mm
LWDPL10X/0.25W.D .11mm
LWDPL20X/0.4W.D .8mm
LWDPL40X/0.6W.D. 3.8mm
Long working  Distance infinity plan-objective LWDPL4X/0.1W.D .25mm    
LWDPL10X/0.25W.D .12mm
LWDPL20X/0.4W.D .10mm
LWDPL40X/0.6W.D .7mm
Long working distance phase contrast objective LWDPL10X
Stage Double layers mechanical stage
Stage size: 242mmx 172mm
Central stage: 110mm
Moving range: 75mm 50mm
Condenser N.A0.3Abbe condenser W.D .75mm
Focusing Coaxial coarse&fine focusing adjustment with rack and pinion mechanism Fine focusing scale Value 0.002mm
Phase contrast sliding plate Center of phase contrast ring plate adjustable
Centering telescope Centering telescope
Filter Blue, green, yellow and frosted glass
Light source Halogen bulb12V/30W
Adjustable brightness
Fluorescence attachment B. G Wave band ,220V(110V)/100W Mercury lamp
Photograph attachment Photograph connecting tube, adapter with MD or PK mount ,4X photograph eyepiece
Digital Eyepiece 1.3 or 3.0Mega pixels CMOS Digital eyepiece
standard outfit.     optional parts.

BMT accessories
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