AIMSCOPE Optical Loupes are the choice of Dentists, Physicians, Surgeons, Dental Students, Medical Students, Dental Hygienists, and other health Care Professionals who require the finest in Optical Magnification.  
AIMSCOPE optical loupes are available in four magnifications: 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 4x


-Ultra Light Weight 
-One Step Pupillary Adjustment
-Adjustable Angular Viewing
-Large Depth of Field 
-Easy Convergence Settings
-Titanium Frames Available
-Flip-up Design
-Large Field of View
-Stylish Designs
-Roll-Away Carry Stand
-Clip-on Model for your Prescription Glasses
-Multi-Person Use
-Handy Protective Carry Case
 Model Magnification Field of View (MM) Working Distance (MM)
 2X-S      2X 85 320
 2X-R       2X 95 380
 2X-L      2X 110 425
 2X-XL      2X 120 475
  2.5X-S      2.5X 60 310
  2.5X-R      2.5X 65 370
  2.5X-L      2.5X 75 430
  2.5X-XL      2.5X 90 480
  3X-S      3X 50 320
  3X-R      3X 60 375
  3X-L      3X 65 425
  4X-S      4X 50 320
  4X-R      4X 55 370
  4X-L      4X 60 420
  4X-XL      4X 70 470


All Loupes come in a Handy Protective Carry Case, Which includes:

  • Head Strap

  • Side Shields (Removable)

  • Adjustment Tool

  • Protective Caps

  • Setting Target

  • Flip Grip