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The Flexcam  is capable of many applications and can additionally be used with microscopes. It is an affordable option for educational applications including student presentations, attached to a microscope for class viewing, recording lesson plans or experiments for late use, as well as  videoconferencing.
The Flexcam-2 includes two Illuma boxes for viewing insects and five Illuma slides for viewing pond water specimens.
The Video Anywhere allows you the freedom to move anywhere in a room up to 50 feet away from the TV/monitor.   It is the first wireless flexible camera that provides crisp clear images direct to your TV/monitor.


If you're looking for an easy to use camera for presentations, demonstrations and video-microscopy, the Educam series is the ideal choice. The Educam also offers high resolution but with less features at an affordable price.
Digital/Video eyepiece unites high-resolution, full-color Digital/video microscopy with the simplest setup and operation available.  
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Digital eyepiece-2
Video eyepiece-2
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